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Soundive automatically generates a musical score for your video. It detects your picture's features, and instantly creates an original song that matches the mood and pace.

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1.0 approach
  • Search for copyright free tracks (or take your risk)
  • Listen to the tracks & select the right ones
  • Edit the tracks & match them to the video
  • Endless Rights Free music
  • AI tracks that match
    the input video
  • Real time outcome
  • Tuning of main
    parameters for
  • Human-AI interaction
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Soundive can react to the video's context, lenght dynamics and mood
The music generation can be controlled via few, user friendly parameters
You get fast results with no copyright & licensing, bypassing additional services
Easy to use
Our Web app allows the upload of a videos and a successive download with music

Our technology

We created an instant video
soundtrack generator
Thanks to visual extraction algorithms and the latest in music generation AI, Soundive can automatically add a soundtrack to a short video.
A drag and drop web app where users can sonify video contents through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The result is an edited output where an ad-hoc generated rights-free audio and the video are perfectly synchronized and matched. This automatic matching will support the post-production phase granting cost and time savings by at least 50%. A revolutionary and disruptive solution vis a vis the current use of music libraries. SOUNDIVE is a technological-digital research, development and sales company focused on automatic multimedia content generation. A highly innovative project, it is part of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, including the following macro areas:

A game change

• State of the art Artificial Generative Music Intelligence - Machine Learning methodologies dedicated to offer "Cloud-based" automatic music services for mediacreators and non-specialist users
• Algorithmic Analysis and Intelligent features extraction (AI-driven) of salient aspects of images and video - which allows the autonomous music generation to produce music tracks highly personalized, a service that is unprecedented in the history of music services and digital multimedia in general

The approach

Artificial intelligence and music has been a common subject for a long time, AI can compose a compelling melody for a YouTube video, mobile game or elevator journey faster, cheaper, and almost as well as a human equivalent. The challenge is how to create music based on video or image content. Thanks to the technology of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) we are now able to quickly obtain information about the content without any user-based input or search efforts. Using ACR technology, we can extract features of videos like mood, color, action, facial expressions and scenes. In partnership with MUSICO we then translate these features into music. Based on the extracted features, our algorithms produce sound that is suited for the particular video. This music is beautiful, unique, endless and it is copyright free to use!

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About Us

We're a multidisciplinary team of developers, musicians and engineers committed to ​advancing the use of AI in music and media technologies.
Soundive came about when we decided to apply the decades of experience in our fields to a growing demand for new forms of media exchange on social platforms

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