Add rights-free music
to your video using AI

Soundive lets you generate an original, copyright free soundtrack for your short video or video message.

What is soundive?

Soundive automatically generates a musical score for your video. It detects your picture's features, and instantly creates an original song that matches the mood and pace. ​

How it works


Add a short video
or video message


Customize the
soundtrack generation

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Receive the video back
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Our technology

Our technology is a hybrid between visual extraction algorithms and the latest in music generation AI.
We can detect a video's scenes, color, actions, mood and facial expressions, and translate these features into a musical composition that is original and free to use.


Check out how soundive can give life to a video.
These soundtracks were generated entirely by our AI

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    We're a multidisciplinary team of developers, musicians and engineers committed to ​advancing the use of AI in music and media technologies.
    Soundive came about when we decided to apply the decades of experience in our fields to a growing demand for new forms of media exchange on social platforms.